Reduce Design Headaches

Dramatically reduce the costs of proofing and file management, each and every day.

"Take2 made it incredibly easy for us to import our entire product sheet, and start quickly managing our orders and pricing, day 1."

Production Manager, DashSigns

Faster Proofing

Automatic, view-res proofing helps you never open a graphics program and export a file to email again.

Drag... & Done

Drag & Drop a full-resolution file (ai, psd, pdf, etc.) on to your order, and proofs are automatically generated for you. Never export a low-res file again.

Interactive Proofing

Interactive proofs allow your customers to zoom and pan on mobile devices, and approve art directly from their phone.

Viewable Resolution

Generated proofs are high enough resolution to preview, but not print. This keeps your design files safe from digital theft.

Unbridled Efficiency

The true cost of file servers isn't the storage... it's the searching.

No More File Hunting

Attach unlimited files directly to your orders, so you never have to go hunting for a cross-referenced file again.

Eliminate Rework

Store previously generated production files in your order items, so you never have to reproduce it. Simply download and produce.

Unlimited Size & Storage

250MB .psd? No problem. Cloud-based storage provides unlimited storage capacity, and virtually unlimited file size.

Design Built-In

Save time on small design jobs with a built-in designer and 1000's of templates.

1000's of Templates

Save hours of time on design with a ready made library of thousands of free templates.

Built-In Designer

Our built-in design tool keeps your team efficient. Create fast designs without ever having to open a graphics program.

Infinite History

Design changes are kept forever, so you can easily go back to an old design with the click of a button.

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