Reduce Your Order Costs

Managing your throughput takes time. Less time means less cost.

"Take2 made it incredibly easy for us to import our entire product sheet, and start quickly managing our orders and pricing, day 1."

Production Manager, DashSigns

Eliminate Time Waste

Dramatically improve efficiency and reduce costs by doing everything... faster.

Fast Order Entry

Paper and complex software waste time & directly impact your profit. Quickly create and send orders from an interface designed to be fast.

Instant Reorders

Instantly duplicate past orders for repeat customers, while keeping everything editable (even designs).

Better Experiences

Impress your customers & get paid fast with beautiful, branded, mobile-first invoices & art approvals.

Track Everything

Always know every detail of every order, in real-time.

Order Timeline

See the entire history, team communication & customer messages in one easy-to-use place, directly on your order.

Smart Events

Order events like payments and design changes automatically appear on the timeline, so you can see the full lifecycle.

Team Communication

Speed up departmental communication by adding notes & tagging team mates directly from the order timeline.

Efficient Workflows

Easily fit Take2 to your business to create efficient production workflows.

Job Boards

Intelligent, filterable job boards help you see your shops orders & tasks, and quickly drill down to specific departments.

Tags & Tasks

Tag orders with stages or departments to quickly bucket by department, process, or work stage. Quickly assign specific tasks to your team.

Fast Searching

Advanced searching lets you quickly find any order by virtually any detail, even line item details. Use with tags to create smart views that mimic your existing workflows.

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